Why chick flicks have screwed up my love life

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My sister was having some man problems and decided to ask me for advice. (Why, I don’t know since I’m chronically single). During this conversation I made kind of a sad discovery about my relationships.

 I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve remained friends with 98% of my exes. In fact, many of my exes are some of my closest male friends to this day. I think sometimes people are meant to be in our lives not as lovers but as good friends. Its just that I tend not to discover this until after I’ve rushed into the relationship with them.

 Well the convo with my sister made me realize that I’ve never in my entire dating life dated a man who was my friend first. When I look over my dating track record I’ve realized that all of my boyfriends were lovers first then friends. I don’t really  know what its like to have a friendship with a person and then have it develop into a relationship. That’s unfortunate.

 This is the point where movie romances have totally screwed me up in the real world of dating. I’m gonna blame every chick flick ever made for this. For two reasons, first my standards of romance are so unbelievably high that no man will measure up to them. I deem any man unromantic who doesn’t write poems like Larenz Tate in Love Jones or hold a boombox over his head like John Cusack in Say Anything because this is what I’ve grown to believe men who really like you are supposed to do. The flip side of this is movies like When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan have this great friendship that they almost ruin when they have sex and then of course they fall in love and it works out in the end.

 I want to know what thats like. The only problem is the guys don’t become my friends until after we’ve become intimate and started hating each other. Its like I’m playing the movie in reverse.

 Could this be part of the reason I’m single? Can anyone else relate to this or am I riding on a boat all by myself on ths one?

Two Throwback Thursdays for one

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…I did a Throwback Thursday. I heard this song today and had to post the video.

I didn’t realize until just now that this sampled another song that I loooove

Apparently not everyone in Arizona’s an idiot

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I just found out about this…

The Phoenix Suns basketball team wore this jersey during their game in response to Arizona's controversial new immigration bill

This is freaking awesome. I’m a Suns fan from way back in the Charles Barkley days (I know I’m a dinosaur, right?). I love this and had to share.

This is your brain on finals


Any questions?

My brain is fried.

No seriously, I can barely complete a thought.

Sleep (what’s that)?

I’ve been too busy cramming it with speeches, and papers, and exams. I”m getting close to the end, I can see the finish line just a little bit closer now and its right at this point that I must bring out the  big guns, you know the heavy artillery.

If-I- absolutely -stay- up-all- night- the- thing- that- works- for-me-is-Mountain-Dew. I-love-coffee-but-I-think-I-drink-it-so-much-that-I’ve-become- immune-to-its-caffeination-powers. Back in the day I was a No Doz kind of girl, I could stay awake for like a week on those joints. The bad thing about those were once you came down it was horrible. You felt like warmed over death, but you stayed awake. (ItAlsoMadeMeTalkLikeThisButIDigress).

As far as energy drinks go I can’t really get into them. They don’t taste very good first of all. I do love those Vault drinks. I think Coca Cola makes them. They taste a lot like Mountain Dew, but sort of different. Those are good for a good energy kick in the pants.

I’m curious, what are some of your final exam rituals? What gets you through those all-nighters and cram sessions?

My blog is like my man

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I think I finally understand why I’m single.

If the way I treat my blog is any indication of the way I treat my man there’s no wonder I’m sleeping alone at night.

Now if my blog looked like this, I wouldn't be writing this post

 You have to pay attention to  your blog. You have to take care of your blog. You have to make your blog put the toilet seat down and take out the trash or all hell breaks loose (kidding, sort of).

 The point is I have not been treating this blog with the care and attention it deserves and I’m sorry about that. Its time for me to do better and I intend to. I’ve got to be more disciplined and focused. I have to put into this what I expect to get out of it. I have to make sweet love to this blog at least a few times a week (if not everyday) or I can expect this thing to just disappear. None of us want that.

 To any of my followers that are left, this is a new day. Hang in there with me and I promise it will be worth the ride. We’ve had some good times together, lets create a beautiful future.