Are You Freaking Kidding Me: Woman Tattoos 152 Facebook friends on her arm

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We at Freaking Kidding Me love our Facebook friends as much as the next guy, but perhaps not this much. A woman in the Netherlands has tattooed all 152 of her Facebook friends on her arm. I’ve attached a video of the process, for those who’d like to check it out.

From Punkgirl to Naughty librarian: Walking the Runway of Life

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 I share a special kinship with Madonna.

 Both of us are exhibitionists to a degree. Both of us are artists. Both of us feel strongly that sexuality can be a legitimate form of artistic expression (Only one of us has managed to become a millionaire as a result, bet you can’t guess which one).

 One thing I really admire about her is how she’s been able to reinvent herself so many times without losing who she is. I”m old enough to remember the “Like a Virgin” days of black-off-the-shoulder tees, capri leggings, and crosses, to the “True Blue” days of the short blond cut, to the Kabbalah days where she’s tamer, but still just as fierce.

 This came to mind recently because I love to reinvent myself. I change my look pretty often. I’ve read articles where people have said this means I’m unhappy with myself, but I disagree. Getting dressed and doing your hair is one opportunity we have all day to be artistic and creative. It’s the only opportunity some of us wage slaves get. To me it’s like getting to play dress up and assume different personalities every day. Its like being a supermodel on the runway of life every single day. You’ve got to strut it and work it out. Clothes should be fun not just functional. 🙂

 It also says that I’m not just a one-dimensional person. I’m a mulifaceted woman with many sides to me. What mood I’m in will determine what side of me you get to see today.

 My most recent fashion transformation went from a pretty extreme assymetic haircut (sort of pseudo-punk) to a long layers and a pair of ugly glasses. I was going for that whole sexy librarian look. I love the contrast of sexy and educated, because I definitely believe sexy is smart. So over the course of the past few months I went from punk to librarian chick with the change of a hairdo and some glasses.

 How about you? Are you a fashion chameleon or do you stick with good old tried and true? What are some of your favorite looks?

Apparently not everyone in Arizona’s an idiot

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I just found out about this…

The Phoenix Suns basketball team wore this jersey during their game in response to Arizona's controversial new immigration bill

This is freaking awesome. I’m a Suns fan from way back in the Charles Barkley days (I know I’m a dinosaur, right?). I love this and had to share.

Old Navy flip flops and the worst dates ever

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A pair of sandles like these play a big part in one of my worst dates ever

 My really horrible date this weekend inspired me to compile a list of my  most heinous dating offenses. These are all true by the way and in no particular order. (I’m currently single and no longer dating any of these guys)

  1. Surfing a dating site while on a date with me
  2. Trying to get me to buy you a pair of man sandles from Old Navy and lunch on our first date
  3. Telling me AFTER we’re already in line at the food court for our lunch date, the date you invited me on, that our meal is dutch
  4. Making a drug transaction while I sit in the car and wait for you
  5. Telling me your forgot your wallet AFTER we’ve already ordered and eaten dinner
  6. “Accidentally” ordering two appetizers plus your dinner and drinks for a dinner that you aren’t paying for
  7. Running into not 1, not 2, but 3 of your ex-girlfriends while on a date
  8. Invite me to a party at your family’s house and then you disappear for over an hour (this has happened twice with two different guys)
  9. Making a scene, yelling, and accusing the guy behind the counter of flirting with me because you think it takes to long for me to order our meal
  10. Getting drunk, stealing my car keys, and driving off in my car
  11. Waiting until I fall asleep and then stealing my cell phone and $27 out of my wallet
  12. Having sex with my roommate while I’m in my bedroom sleeping
  13. Calling your ex-girlfriend and getting visibly upset that she’s going on a date with someone else
  14. Trying to get another girl’s phone number in front of me and pretending that you want it for some other reason than to hook up with her
  15. Telling me after we’ve been on a few dates and hooked up that you already have a girlfriend
  16. Leaving me in a store while you talk to your friend, leaving the store to go to his house, but never tell me you left
  17. Loudly telling a hotel clerk, while we’re on vacation together, that we need a room with a single bed because it’ll be hard for us to have sex in a double bed
  18. Asking the clerk in a aromatics store for a scent that will make the room smell good for when we “knock boots” later (this is a different guy than #17)
  19. Almost run us into a guard rail while driving me home because you are texting and trying to watch rap videos on your dashboard TV at the same time as driving
  20. Pulling a knife on a guy at the club for having a conversation with me

…loves me a big teddy bear man and here’s why.

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I had such a crush on this guy growing up, LOL. To this day I love me a big, teddy bear of a man and this guy is the reason why. LOL. So for this week’s Throwback Thursday, is none other than the overweight lover…

…sad that interracial coupling is still taboo.

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Model Heidi Klum kisses her husband singer Seal.

Two stories in the news the past few days sadly show that we as a people are still hung up on dating and race.

The first is a story out of Louisiana about a justice of the peace who refuses to marry a black male/white female couple. You can link to the story here. The second story I saw today was about a resolution that was passed urging President Obama to pardon the late boxer Jack Johnson who was jailed for 10 months for dating a white woman. You can link to that story here.

This both saddens and angers me.  I’ve dated black, Latino and white men. I’ve also experienced the ignorance and stigma of dating interacially. I dated a white guy who  never let me meet his parents because they didn’t like him dating black girls. We had to sneak around and meet each other in secret. This was 2008, not 1958. And this wasn’t in the South. It happened in Washington, D.C.

I wish people would just mind their own business and let people love who they want to love.

It’s hard enough out here trying to find good people to have healthy, stable relationships with. When you start putting limits on a person’s race and sexual orientation and religion, you only limit yourself. You could potentially keep yourself from being with the person of your dreams because your prejudice. If you don’t want to date outside your race, that’s fine more power to you. But don’t knock other people if that’s what they want to do.

I hope if any good comes from this it will shut up all the people who think that the minute this country got a black president  our racial problems went out the window. (BTW, our president is the product of an interracial union. I’m just saying) There will always be ignorant people in this world and as long as that is the case there will always be racism.

I have a gorgeous little nephew that is the product of a bi-racial union. My sister and my mom are both dating outside their race and they’re both very happy.

If it makes you feel any better, as an equal opportunity and serial dater, I can say with complete confidence that ALL men are completely and totally insane. Race has nothing to do with it.