Any questions?

My brain is fried.

No seriously, I can barely complete a thought.

Sleep (what’s that)?

I’ve been too busy cramming it with speeches, and papers, and exams. I”m getting close to the end, I can see the finish line just a little bit closer now and its right at this point that I must bring out the  big guns, you know the heavy artillery.

If-I- absolutely -stay- up-all- night- the- thing- that- works- for-me-is-Mountain-Dew. I-love-coffee-but-I-think-I-drink-it-so-much-that-I’ve-become- immune-to-its-caffeination-powers. Back in the day I was a No Doz kind of girl, I could stay awake for like a week on those joints. The bad thing about those were once you came down it was horrible. You felt like warmed over death, but you stayed awake. (ItAlsoMadeMeTalkLikeThisButIDigress).

As far as energy drinks go I can’t really get into them. They don’t taste very good first of all. I do love those Vault drinks. I think Coca Cola makes them. They taste a lot like Mountain Dew, but sort of different. Those are good for a good energy kick in the pants.

I’m curious, what are some of your final exam rituals? What gets you through those all-nighters and cram sessions?