Stuff That Makes Me Smile: Cool Wedding Proposals

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I’ve never really been one for super romantic,  grand gestures, but there’s just something really fantastic about a well-crafted, well planned, creative wedding proposal. This is perhaps one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

(from Stuff That Makes Me Smile)


You Tell ‘Em Girl: A Letter to My Co-Worker the Misogynist

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You Tell 'Em Girl

This post gets the first induction into my “You Tell ‘Em Girl” hall of fame. (A hall of fame I just made up today when I saw this post. ;))

Stuff That Makes Me Smile

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Freaking loved this commercial!

Are You Freaking Kidding Me: Woman Tattoos 152 Facebook friends on her arm

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We at Freaking Kidding Me love our Facebook friends as much as the next guy, but perhaps not this much. A woman in the Netherlands has tattooed all 152 of her Facebook friends on her arm. I’ve attached a video of the process, for those who’d like to check it out.

Stuff that makes me smile: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

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(from my blog Stuff that Makes Me Smile)

Who hasn’t felt this way?

It’s impossible to watch this video and not smile. Can’t be done.  This song is fantastic. I love this video.  I love the choreography via Poreotix. I’ll admit I was slightly creeped out by the monkey masks, but after watching it a few times this goes away.


My New Favorite Thing: The Ultimate Movie Mashup

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I found this cool video on and thought it was awesome. You know I’m totally obsessed with mashups and this is a great one.

Thanks again to

My TV Died: First stage grief


My TV died last night.

Night before last I fell asleep with the TV on. I realized it in the middle of the night and I turned it off. When I woke up the following morning I turned it on like I always do and there was nothing. I assumed that maybe I needed new batteries for my remote and I did the unthinkable. I actually went over to the TV to turn it on. Nothing.

I unplugged it and tried again. I went online and look for message forums on how to fix the problem. Nothing. It was a done deal.

Now I’m a TV junkie, so this has been pretty tough for me. I’ve had this TV for several years and have become pretty attached. This story fortunately has a sort of happy ending. I’m getting a pretty good sized income tax refund and have decided to use some of it to buy myself a cool new LCD flat screen TV I could mount on my wall. I’ve been wanting one of these for a wall, but I basically have one room and could not justify buying a TV when I had one that worked. Now I have a valid excuse to get the one I want.

Here’s the bad news. I won’t have said refund for another two weeks, so in the meantime I have no TV. 😦 The past two days I’ve been exploring the online world of television courtesy of Hulu and I plan to put my NetFlix instant view subscription to good use. I also have a stack of books and magazines that are being neglected.  This also gives me plenty of time to update this blog, so you better believe you’re going to get every detail of my life without my TV for the next two weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this? How did you cope? Any suggestions.

If Anyone Deserves a Shrine it’s this guy…

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Pop Culture Inspiration: Beyonce

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“I always pray that I just have one more week, but eventually it is what it is. It’s time to go there. It’s time to let it all out and do what you were born to do.”

~ Beyonce (from my blog Pop Culture Inspiration) 

Beyonce was describing beginning her concert tour, but we all have that thing in our lives that always wanted to try but just never felt like that timing was right. Maybe its starting a business or writing a book. Maybe its starting a family or trying out a hobby.

The lesson here is, there’s never a perfect time. Rarely do the stars and planets align just right to allow you to do the things you feel you’ve been destined to do. Sometimes you just have to step out on faith and take a chance. You have to be willing to try and realize that whether you fail or succeed there’s a lesson in that.

The longer we wait for the perfect right time, the more time we waste. That valuable time we’re wasting is time we can be doing that thing that makes us happy. Life is short eventually we run out of time and we regret not taking action sooner.

Today, I challenge you to go for it. Don’t wait. Take that first step today.


Stuff That Makes Me Smile: #3 Snow Days

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(from my blog: Stuff that make me Smile)

Growing up in the Midwest, any little snowflake was enough to get me excited about the possibility of no school. Me and my brother and sister would stare blankly at the television waiting for the newscaster to say our school was cancelled. This was in old school days before the Internet and fancy schmancy tickers across the screen. (Kids today have it so good.)

Now keep in mind I grew up in a city where inches of snow was not enough to keep us from having to go to school. So on that rare occasion when they cancelled school it was a cause for celebration. It was even better when we knew before bed and didn’t have to wake up early to find out. (It was still pretty sweet even if we did wake up in the morning and find out school was cancelled.)

This current snowstorm is bittersweet. I just graduated from college last semester. The snowstorm has been the first time I can remember that school has been canceled for three straight days. Its cool because I didn’t want to have to get out in the snow, but it kind of sucks because I don’t get that joy I had as a kid of waking up and learning there’s no school today.

A small consolation is that work was cancelled. So that still makes me smile.

SMILE METER: 10 (on days when I’d have to go to school); 6 (on days when I wouldn’t be leaving the house anyway)

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