…is wish shopping for New Year’s Eve outfits


OMG this would so be my New Year’s Eve dress if I had a job and could afford to buy it and I had a New Year’s Eve party to go to. I’ll just pine away = (.

…wishing you a Merry Christmas

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Kirk Franklin captured the meaning of Christmas with this beautiful song. It’s my gift to you (since I’m unemployed and too broke to buy you anything). It is also my favorite Christmas song, so it’s this week’s Brandy’s Favorite Thing.  May it bless you the way its blessed me. Merry Christmas everyone.

…is scrambling for last minute Christmas gifts

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Today is Christmas Eve, its also Throwback Thursday.  Today’s song is a throwback and Christmas carol.  Shake a hand, shake a hand y’all…

(Thanks for the video Masrex).

…is trying not to forget the real meaning of Christmas

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The closer we get to the big day the easier it is to get bogged down with making dinner, picking up relatives from the airport, going to pageants, making costumes, getting last minute gifts, etc.  Take a second today and remember what this season is really all about. If you need a reminder, listen to Josh Groban’s beautiful version of “O Holy Night.”

…wishing for snow :(

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Two friends from up north have called to regale me with stories about their snowy weather. Living in the South,  I’ll admit I’ve missed the snowy weather I enjoyed growing up in the Midwest. So for today’s Christmas carol countdown I picked a song echoing that very sentiment. Enjoy!

(Thanks to rnbhaven for the video)

…giving you your Christmas present early.

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For years I’ve battled with depression around the holidays. I don’t  what causes it., but its always a really unhappy time for me. It’s even more strange because I’m a pretty upbeat person, I’ve never had any tragedy around the holidays, and everyone else is happy.  This will be the first year I’ve ever been unemployed during the holidays, but surprisingly its the first year I’m not feeling depressed.  A good friend of mine and I were talking about this. He is also unemployed and he has children. He said that being in this position during the holidays makes you have to really look at what the holiday really means.

I can’t afford to buy my blog readers a gift this year, so I’ve decided I’d give you the gift of music. I’m counting down my favorite holiday songs every day until Christmas.

My first song is from one of my childhood crushes (swoon) Mr. Johnny Gill. I. It captures the true spirit of the holiday. I couldn’t find a video for this song but this one pictures of his hotness so that should keep you warm in this winter weather. Merry Christmas and enjoy. Thanks Zondraus for the video.