My New Favorite Thing: This Video OMG!!!


Hey guys,  

 I’ve been a little down the past few days. Feeling really hopeless: (getting dumped and losing your job in the same month tend to do that to people.) Last night it got pretty bad, I have to admit. Some things came into my mind that were pretty dark and that’s really not like me. I had to sleep and pray for strength.

 I was online searching for material for my other blog,  Pop Culture Inspirationals (go check it out, shameless plug lol), and I found this video. I could not stop crying because it offered me so much hope and encouragement. Hopefully it will do the same for you:

 What is  your favorite inspirational quote?

My New Favorite Thing – Pop Culture Inspirationals

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I just can’t leave well enough alone, LOL, I’ve started yet another new blog and it’s called Pop Culture Inspirationals

Pop Culture Inspirationals came about during a really difficult time in my life. I’d just learned that I didn’t get this journalism job that I really wanted. I was depressed. So as I do most every Wednesday night, I went to Bible Study. And it just came to me.

Ironically, the subject of the Bible Study was using our spiritual gifts. In that message he said several things that struck a chord with me, but one thing in particular: “Maybe everything you’ve been trying hasn’t worked, because you haven’t been using your gift to glorify Christ.” It was something like that.  I’ve always loved to write. This past semester, I took a television analysis class and said I wish I could find a way to make a living watching television and writing about it. On many occasions I’ve found inspiration in things I’ve seen on television. This was a way to combine all those things.

This blog is not going to hit anyone over the head with religion. I simply hope through this blog I can teach show some of the inspirational life lessons we tend to overlook because its packaged on television or by a blinged-out rap star. The first lesson of Pop Culture Inspirationals is that appearance isn’t everything…

Please check it out and tell your friends: