Last week, I won concert tickets to see R&B singer and total hottie Trey Songz.

I told you he was a hottie

 I was familiar with Mr. Songz and liked some of his music, but really didn’t follow his career too much. But as you will learn we in Brandyland love any and all things free.

 I’d met a really cool guy the weekend before and I thought the concert would be a really cool and affordable first date. He was actually a big fan of Trey Songz.

 The afternoon of the concert I get a text that my date’s mom had a stroke and he wasn’t going to be able to come to the concert. I still wanted to go so I called around to all my friends and everyone was  busy. I had one last option.

 I’d previously mentioned to 21, a guy I used to see, that I had won tickets to the concert. He was really excited and joked that I could take him. So I called him and he said he could come with me.