You Tell ‘Em Girl: A Letter to My Co-Worker the Misogynist

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You Tell 'Em Girl

This post gets the first induction into my “You Tell ‘Em Girl” hall of fame. (A hall of fame I just made up today when I saw this post. ;))

Pop Culture Inspiration: Beyonce

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“I always pray that I just have one more week, but eventually it is what it is. It’s time to go there. It’s time to let it all out and do what you were born to do.”

~ Beyonce (from my blog Pop Culture Inspiration) 

Beyonce was describing beginning her concert tour, but we all have that thing in our lives that always wanted to try but just never felt like that timing was right. Maybe its starting a business or writing a book. Maybe its starting a family or trying out a hobby.

The lesson here is, there’s never a perfect time. Rarely do the stars and planets align just right to allow you to do the things you feel you’ve been destined to do. Sometimes you just have to step out on faith and take a chance. You have to be willing to try and realize that whether you fail or succeed there’s a lesson in that.

The longer we wait for the perfect right time, the more time we waste. That valuable time we’re wasting is time we can be doing that thing that makes us happy. Life is short eventually we run out of time and we regret not taking action sooner.

Today, I challenge you to go for it. Don’t wait. Take that first step today.


My New Favorite Thing: Steven Slater, The Jet Blue Flight Attendant

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I love this guy!!!

Seriously, I do.

And its not because he’s a hero (he’s not.) Or because he stuck it to the man (he didn’t.)

It’s fantastic because this is an example of overreacting at its finest…and it is absolutely hilarious. You can’t storm out of your office the same way anymore. Simply stomping out with expletives and flipping over a desk won’t cut it. This guy raised the bar. With two beers and an inflatable slide Steven Slater set a new standard. This guy cussed out a passenger over the intercom,  slid down the emergency inflatable slide  and then went home.

I wish I had been on this flight. I would have been cheering him on all the way.

Let’s reconstruct his steps, shall we?

1. Idiotic passenger fighting to get massive bag in tiny overhead container and holding up the flight. Who of us has not experienced this and wanted to scream?

2. He tells her to sit down, she refuses they argue.

3. At some point the bag falls and hits him on the head. (Hilarity begins)

4. They argue some more, because she won’t apologize and some point she calls him a MFer or to F off or something like that

5. He snaps

6. Old boy jumps on the intercom and tells the lady “F*** you,” “he’s had a great career” and that “he’s done.”

7. He proceeds to deploy the inflatable slide, grabs a couple beers, goes down the slide and heads home.

You can’t even make up stuff this fantastic.

This is your brain on finals


Any questions?

My brain is fried.

No seriously, I can barely complete a thought.

Sleep (what’s that)?

I’ve been too busy cramming it with speeches, and papers, and exams. I”m getting close to the end, I can see the finish line just a little bit closer now and its right at this point that I must bring out the  big guns, you know the heavy artillery.

If-I- absolutely -stay- up-all- night- the- thing- that- works- for-me-is-Mountain-Dew. I-love-coffee-but-I-think-I-drink-it-so-much-that-I’ve-become- immune-to-its-caffeination-powers. Back in the day I was a No Doz kind of girl, I could stay awake for like a week on those joints. The bad thing about those were once you came down it was horrible. You felt like warmed over death, but you stayed awake. (ItAlsoMadeMeTalkLikeThisButIDigress).

As far as energy drinks go I can’t really get into them. They don’t taste very good first of all. I do love those Vault drinks. I think Coca Cola makes them. They taste a lot like Mountain Dew, but sort of different. Those are good for a good energy kick in the pants.

I’m curious, what are some of your final exam rituals? What gets you through those all-nighters and cram sessions?

…is getting her fortune told in Tarot cards

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 So I met up with Trey for a mini-date at a local tourist trap. Trey (names changed to protect the guilty, lol) is my flavor of the month, we hung out and shut the place down talking and people watching.

 On my way out I spot this Tarot card reader. I am a sucker for this kind of stuff. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in it, but its fun. I figure if she gets it right, I’ve got a cool story to tell. And if she gets it wrong what the heck I’m out five bucks.

 So Candace, the reader, gave me the option of selecting one topic for my five dollars. Since I’m going to be unemployed after tomorrow, I decided to let her predict my work future. She swished some cards around and picked out a few.

 She predicted that in the next couple of months I will get a job in the health and wellness/medical-related field. It will not be before the end of the year, but by January or February at the latest. She said it won’t pay much money, but it will be enough to get by on. She also said that  my boss will have some connection to Florida.

 The one thing that blew my mind was this prediction. I asked her about my career goals as a journalist. She said that she saw that I would be working in journalism as a reporter somewhere in Washington D.C. She says I will focus mostly on human interest/social work type stories. She also said that I will be an outspoken rabble-rouser and this could potentially get me into some legal trouble. It blew my mind because I never mentioned to her that I’d already done a reporting internship in Washington D.C. and really wanted to go back there.

 She was also certain that I’m not gonna stay in Georgia. That’s funny because I’ve also been thinking alot about getting out of here and going somewhere else. It’ll be fun to watch and see if any of this comes true. I’ll keep you posted.