Old Navy flip flops and the worst dates ever

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A pair of sandles like these play a big part in one of my worst dates ever

 My really horrible date this weekend inspired me to compile a list of my  most heinous dating offenses. These are all true by the way and in no particular order. (I’m currently single and no longer dating any of these guys)

  1. Surfing a dating site while on a date with me
  2. Trying to get me to buy you a pair of man sandles from Old Navy and lunch on our first date
  3. Telling me AFTER we’re already in line at the food court for our lunch date, the date you invited me on, that our meal is dutch
  4. Making a drug transaction while I sit in the car and wait for you
  5. Telling me your forgot your wallet AFTER we’ve already ordered and eaten dinner
  6. “Accidentally” ordering two appetizers plus your dinner and drinks for a dinner that you aren’t paying for
  7. Running into not 1, not 2, but 3 of your ex-girlfriends while on a date
  8. Invite me to a party at your family’s house and then you disappear for over an hour (this has happened twice with two different guys)
  9. Making a scene, yelling, and accusing the guy behind the counter of flirting with me because you think it takes to long for me to order our meal
  10. Getting drunk, stealing my car keys, and driving off in my car
  11. Waiting until I fall asleep and then stealing my cell phone and $27 out of my wallet
  12. Having sex with my roommate while I’m in my bedroom sleeping
  13. Calling your ex-girlfriend and getting visibly upset that she’s going on a date with someone else
  14. Trying to get another girl’s phone number in front of me and pretending that you want it for some other reason than to hook up with her
  15. Telling me after we’ve been on a few dates and hooked up that you already have a girlfriend
  16. Leaving me in a store while you talk to your friend, leaving the store to go to his house, but never tell me you left
  17. Loudly telling a hotel clerk, while we’re on vacation together, that we need a room with a single bed because it’ll be hard for us to have sex in a double bed
  18. Asking the clerk in a aromatics store for a scent that will make the room smell good for when we “knock boots” later (this is a different guy than #17)
  19. Almost run us into a guard rail while driving me home because you are texting and trying to watch rap videos on your dashboard TV at the same time as driving
  20. Pulling a knife on a guy at the club for having a conversation with me

If he’s dressed like the Statue of Liberty…run

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Yeah I know. I pick winners.

The latest offense of a would-be suitor: surfing dating sites on my laptop at my house.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and am back in the dating scene. I had my second post-break-up date this weekend.

 We’ll call him Freedom (name changed to protect the guilty). I’m calling him that because he was wearing a Statue of Liberty costume when we met (I’m so not kidding).

He's not the guy I went out with, but my guy was dressed like this.

In Atlanta, there’s a company that dresses its employees as the Statue of Liberty to pass out flyers promoting the company. I was still dating my last boyfriend, but the relationship was going bad and I knew we’d be breaking up soon. Freedom and I struck up a conversation. He was nice and kind of cute, so I gave him my number.

 A few weeks later my boyfriend and I broke up and Freedom called. Based on the conversations I thought he was kind of a douche. But he seemed really interested in me so I thought I’d give him a chance. We decided to hang out on Sunday.

 I was tired so instead of going out I said he could just come over and watch movies. We made out a little (about 2nd base) then we decided he should go home. F my life, it started raining. He doesn’t have a car so we agreed he could just stay that night and leave in the morning.

 He spent the rest of the evening poaching music off my laptop for his iPod and asking me 50 million questions while I tried to watch TV. When I went online the next morning after he left to check my e-mail I noticed all my windows were minimized.  Then pops up a popular dating site. I check the history and it turns out he’d been surfing the dating site at my house while on our “date.”

Needless to say we won’t be going out again, but the lesson is don’t date a guy dressed as the Statue of Liberty no matter how cute he is. What are some of your most memorable  bad dates?

A different healthcare perspective

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I’ve had this cough for about three weeks.

No other symptoms. Just a cough. Well, and an occasional shortness of breath.

All of a sudden little things that never used to bother me are hard to do. Things like walking and even talking sometimes get me so winded.

I was having a conversation with my best friend and she noticed it.

“You still have that cough,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“You need to go to the doctor,” she said. I wouldn’t expect anything less she’s a nurse and very overprotective of me.

But the thing is that’s easier said then done. I don’t have any health insurance. And now I don’t have a full time job, so I can’t afford the doctor bill. 

 I worked a job that I loved for eight years. I had health insurance that I paid into for eight years. Then the economy got bad and I lost my job and  my health insurance. That was almost a year ago. I found work temporarily, but that was a contract job and because of the economy it soon ended. So now I work a part time job making just above minimum wage and I go to college full time.

The funny thing is most of the people I know and that I see on TV complaining about the new healthcare bill are people who have healthcare plans. I haven’t seen anyone, like me without insurance complaining about it.

Its pretty tough, but its even tougher when I get sick and I can’t just walk into a hospital. That’s what I don’t understand about people that are against overhauling healthcare. There are a lot of people out there that aren’t looking for a handout.  Many of them are people who, through no fault of their own, lost jobs and their healthcare.

We are all willing to admit that the economy stinks, but so many that are blessed not to be as impacted by it are unwilling to help those who’ve really been devastated by it.

They call this the most generous country in the world, but I really have to wonder about that.