From Punkgirl to Naughty librarian: Walking the Runway of Life

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 I share a special kinship with Madonna.

 Both of us are exhibitionists to a degree. Both of us are artists. Both of us feel strongly that sexuality can be a legitimate form of artistic expression (Only one of us has managed to become a millionaire as a result, bet you can’t guess which one).

 One thing I really admire about her is how she’s been able to reinvent herself so many times without losing who she is. I”m old enough to remember the “Like a Virgin” days of black-off-the-shoulder tees, capri leggings, and crosses, to the “True Blue” days of the short blond cut, to the Kabbalah days where she’s tamer, but still just as fierce.

 This came to mind recently because I love to reinvent myself. I change my look pretty often. I’ve read articles where people have said this means I’m unhappy with myself, but I disagree. Getting dressed and doing your hair is one opportunity we have all day to be artistic and creative. It’s the only opportunity some of us wage slaves get. To me it’s like getting to play dress up and assume different personalities every day. Its like being a supermodel on the runway of life every single day. You’ve got to strut it and work it out. Clothes should be fun not just functional. 🙂

 It also says that I’m not just a one-dimensional person. I’m a mulifaceted woman with many sides to me. What mood I’m in will determine what side of me you get to see today.

 My most recent fashion transformation went from a pretty extreme assymetic haircut (sort of pseudo-punk) to a long layers and a pair of ugly glasses. I was going for that whole sexy librarian look. I love the contrast of sexy and educated, because I definitely believe sexy is smart. So over the course of the past few months I went from punk to librarian chick with the change of a hairdo and some glasses.

 How about you? Are you a fashion chameleon or do you stick with good old tried and true? What are some of your favorite looks?

Apparently not everyone in Arizona’s an idiot

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I just found out about this…

The Phoenix Suns basketball team wore this jersey during their game in response to Arizona's controversial new immigration bill

This is freaking awesome. I’m a Suns fan from way back in the Charles Barkley days (I know I’m a dinosaur, right?). I love this and had to share.

…turning you on. You know you want this.

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…an awards show hater critiquing the Golden Globes.

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I hate awards shows.  I really do, but as part of my Television Analysis class I was assigned to watch and write a paper about the show. It actually wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.

Great things about it being a live show:

  • Wardrobe malfunction: Chloe Sevigny’s big crazy Valentino  dress getting ripped by an usher and Kristen Bell just playing it off
  • Showing Leonardo DiCaprio’s picture when they said Jeff Bridges name. (I love me some Leonardo so I didn’t really mind, plus Jeff Bridges ended up winning the award so I’m sure he got over this really fast)

Number of times they played the music before the person finished their speech (this always cracks me up): Once while the writers for Grey Gardens were giving their speech.

Shows what I know: I was totally ragging on Michael C. Hall for wearing a hat with a tux to an awards show. Turns out he’s receiving treatment for cancer. Oops, my bad.

Acceptance speeches I loved:

  • MoNique – I didn’t see Precious (yet, plan to finally see it this week and blog about it), but I love MoNique and she seemed truly stunned to win the award. There is something that is just really genuine and human to me when someone on these shows wins an award and they truly didn’t expect it. That always really touches me.
  • Drew Barrymore – I have no idea why, but I love this girl. Maybe its because ET was the very first movie I ever saw in a movie theater. Anyway she rambles and mumbles about growing up in this room and thanks all the people that ever wished the best for her. It makes me long for the day I one day do something that makes all the people who’ve ever invested time and effort in me feel proud that they did.
  • James Cameron – says he wants to hurry up his speech because he “has to pee something fierce.” Hilarious.
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Classic I loved his whole acceptance speech, especially when he says “If you start playing violins I’m gonna tear this place down.” I loved that he said his wife told him not to write a speech because he wasn’t going to win and I loved that he used his speech to not thank people.

Funniest jokes:

  • Paul McCartney: “I’m Paul McCartney or as I’m now known, that guy from Rock Band.”
  • Paul McCartney: Animation is not just for kids, its also for drug-taking adults. Now here are the nominations for animated films selected by drug-taking adults
  • Ricky Gervais: Calling Colin Farrell a drunk sweary hellraiser

Kind of creepy, uncomfortable moment: Robert DeNiro’s joke about Martin Scorsese having sex with film…the joke that just wouldn’t end.

Touching moments:

  • Mo’Nique winning the award for Precious made me cry
  • Sandra Bullock’s speech made me cry when she said she never knew what it was like for someone to have her back until she met her husband
  • Julianna Margulies – the night she won the award was her son’s birthday.

Mentions of Haiti: (3 direct, 2 indirect):

  • Nicole Kidman mentions George Clooney’s charity
  • Jason Reitman when he won for the screenplay for Up In the Air
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal explains how to donate to Haiti via the website;
  • indirect mentions by Drew Barrymore and Meryl Streep in their acceptance speeches

Knocks at NBC:

  • Ricky Gervais says he needs to get on with the show before they replace him with Jay Leno
  • Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cost to get hired (or fired) by NBC

Dresses I loved:

  • Sandra Bullock’s purple Bottega Veneta gown. She got a lot of flack for that dress, but I think it was fly. Work it girl.

  • Halle Berry’s black and gold Kaufman Franco gown

And save the best for last: Glee, my favorite new show won for best TV show comedy or musical.

Congrats to everyone.

…is wish shopping for New Year’s Eve outfits


OMG this would so be my New Year’s Eve dress if I had a job and could afford to buy it and I had a New Year’s Eve party to go to. I’ll just pine away = (.