I think I finally understand why I’m single.

If the way I treat my blog is any indication of the way I treat my man there’s no wonder I’m sleeping alone at night.

Now if my blog looked like this, I wouldn't be writing this post

 You have to pay attention to  your blog. You have to take care of your blog. You have to make your blog put the toilet seat down and take out the trash or all hell breaks loose (kidding, sort of).

 The point is I have not been treating this blog with the care and attention it deserves and I’m sorry about that. Its time for me to do better and I intend to. I’ve got to be more disciplined and focused. I have to put into this what I expect to get out of it. I have to make sweet love to this blog at least a few times a week (if not everyday) or I can expect this thing to just disappear. None of us want that.

 To any of my followers that are left, this is a new day. Hang in there with me and I promise it will be worth the ride. We’ve had some good times together, lets create a beautiful future.