Stuff That Makes Me Smile: Cool Wedding Proposals

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I’ve never really been one for super romantic,  grand gestures, but there’s just something really fantastic about a well-crafted, well planned, creative wedding proposal. This is perhaps one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

(from Stuff That Makes Me Smile)


Stuff That Makes Me Smile: #3 Snow Days

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(from my blog: Stuff that make me Smile)

Growing up in the Midwest, any little snowflake was enough to get me excited about the possibility of no school. Me and my brother and sister would stare blankly at the television waiting for the newscaster to say our school was cancelled. This was in old school days before the Internet and fancy schmancy tickers across the screen. (Kids today have it so good.)

Now keep in mind I grew up in a city where inches of snow was not enough to keep us from having to go to school. So on that rare occasion when they cancelled school it was a cause for celebration. It was even better when we knew before bed and didn’t have to wake up early to find out. (It was still pretty sweet even if we did wake up in the morning and find out school was cancelled.)

This current snowstorm is bittersweet. I just graduated from college last semester. The snowstorm has been the first time I can remember that school has been canceled for three straight days. Its cool because I didn’t want to have to get out in the snow, but it kind of sucks because I don’t get that joy I had as a kid of waking up and learning there’s no school today.

A small consolation is that work was cancelled. So that still makes me smile.

SMILE METER: 10 (on days when I’d have to go to school); 6 (on days when I wouldn’t be leaving the house anyway)

Why This Blog?

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Basically I needed a pick me up.

I’ve been unemployed for over a year. My bank account is slowly but surely depleting, while my expenses seem keep increasing. My love life is nonexistent at the moment. Thanks to years of eating fast food and junk, my health is deteriorating.

I just needed something to take my mind off of these things for a while. I figured if I could think of at least one thing a day that makes me happy, I wouldn’t dwell so much on the things in my life that are challenging at this moment. I’m a pretty optimistic person, but the circumstances of life can be overwhelming at times. Focusing on the little things in life is one way to escape.

I hope it can be the same way for you.

I could not agree more

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Yay nachos!!!

Quote of the Day

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My boss in response to the accusation that he lacks a personal touch with his employees:

Ok, you break. You work. You leave. How’s that for a personal touch?

My blog is like my man

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I think I finally understand why I’m single.

If the way I treat my blog is any indication of the way I treat my man there’s no wonder I’m sleeping alone at night.

Now if my blog looked like this, I wouldn't be writing this post

 You have to pay attention to  your blog. You have to take care of your blog. You have to make your blog put the toilet seat down and take out the trash or all hell breaks loose (kidding, sort of).

 The point is I have not been treating this blog with the care and attention it deserves and I’m sorry about that. Its time for me to do better and I intend to. I’ve got to be more disciplined and focused. I have to put into this what I expect to get out of it. I have to make sweet love to this blog at least a few times a week (if not everyday) or I can expect this thing to just disappear. None of us want that.

 To any of my followers that are left, this is a new day. Hang in there with me and I promise it will be worth the ride. We’ve had some good times together, lets create a beautiful future.

The Statue of Liberty, my ex, and the guy who invented sex (Part 1)

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 Last week, I won concert tickets to see R&B singer and total hottie Trey Songz.

I told you he was a hottie

 I was familiar with Mr. Songz and liked some of his music, but really didn’t follow his career too much. But as you will learn we in Brandyland love any and all things free.

 I’d met a really cool guy the weekend before and I thought the concert would be a really cool and affordable first date. He was actually a big fan of Trey Songz.

 The afternoon of the concert I get a text that my date’s mom had a stroke and he wasn’t going to be able to come to the concert. I still wanted to go so I called around to all my friends and everyone was  busy. I had one last option.

 I’d previously mentioned to 21, a guy I used to see, that I had won tickets to the concert. He was really excited and joked that I could take him. So I called him and he said he could come with me.

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