Brandy’s Bucket List

Inspired by the MTV show “The Buried Life,” I’n going to use this blog as an avenue to compile my own personal list of goals.  Here they are in no particular order.

1. Learn to surf                           

2. Ride a Motorcycle

3. Go to Mardi Gras

4. Go to the Essence Music Festival

5. Go to Africa

6. Go to India

7. Buy one of every lottery ticket in a store and scratch them all off

8. Visit every state in the United States

9. Be in a movie

10. Go to the Greyhound bus station and randomly get on the first bus to leave, ride to that destination and spend a week there.

11. Go to Miami

12. Fly first class

13. Ride in a Maybach

14. Sit in a writer’s room while a TV show is being written

15. See a live taping of Saturday Night Live

16. Jet ski

17. Meet Oprah Winfrey

18. Meet Pink

19. Be an animated cartoon character

20. Have a conversation with Quentin Tarantino

21. Fly first class

22. Hang out backstage at a concert

List to be continued

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