Diva and other words I freaking hate

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 I haven’t posted to this blog in a really long time. It took something near and dear to my heart to get me to stop watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Jersey Shore” reruns and actually write a post.

 I think I’ve officially got my fill of the use of the word diva. I have a real problem with the oversaturation of it. Even more annoying is that the people who use it don’t realize its true connotation. It drives me insane when a woman calls herself a diva and thinks she’s giving herself a compliment. A diva is not a good thing, its basically just a nice way of saying you’re a bitch. We’re perfectly fine with someone saying we’re a diva, but the minute they call you a bitch you’re ready to fight someone. I don’t understand it.

 Here’s the ugly truth ladies: divas are demanding, pretentious, hard-to-please, insufferable, and unpleasant. They’re narcissistic and and they dont’ really care about anyone other than themselves and what they want. It’s gone from its previous connotation of a regal woman of status to this ugly version. The most troubling part to me is that there really is no male equivalent for this. There is no special word that describes a man that is demanding, pretentious, and hard to please. It’s just yet another example of low-key sexism in our society.

  On a sidenote: when I had this discussion with someone it brought up the subject of other words we feel are oversaturating our lexicon. My cousin hates the word swag. (I actually kind of like it). What do you all think? Is it ok to call yourself a diva? Are there words that you personally can’t stand?

…not spending $400 a day on wigs.

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I watch (and rather enjoy) “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” (That show is chock full of blog material on its own). So today I’m focusing on something Kim said on this past week’s episode.

Anyone who watches knows Kim is a proud wig lover. So proud she only wears wigs and not her natural hair. (No problem there I had my own wig phase circa 2007-2008.) On this episode while getting ready for a party, Kim and her hairstylist Derrick (while wearing a fabulous pair of pumps) talk about her wigs. She says she wears a brand new wig every day. He asked how much they cost. She says about $430 each. $430 per wig, per day! She figured it up to be $12,000 a month on wigs. Are you freaking kidding me? (Big Poppa is shelling out some major cash.)

Like I said I’m not a hater. If you afford to do that, go for it. My problem is simple, her wigs look awful. If you watched last season she looked a hot mess. I’m telling you if you’re gonna pay $400 a day for a wig, it needs to look a hell of a lot better than the ones she’s wearing. I’ve seen better looking wigs at my local beauty supply and they weren’t even close to $400.

My advice, if you must change wigs daily invest in someone who can get you a better piece. There are people in wig shops whose only job is to help you pick out wigs. Or bring Derrick, I’m sure he can pick out a great hair piece. This is 2009 there’s no reason anyone has to wear a bad wig, (especially when you have a rich benefactor that can afford to buy you good ones.)

Blogosphere lets help her out. Do you have a good wig place you can recommend for Ms. Zolciak?