I really wish love was easy.

I wish that we could just choose who we love and totally fall for the sweet guy who worships us and treats us like a queen. Instead we, and by we I mean me, like the guy who never calls and is always too busy for us.

I have a guy friend who, no lie, faithfully calls me everyday. We hung out like two or three times when I lived in Washington D.C. and I saw early on that nothing was gonna happen. He was just a bit too immature for me. I’ve been back in Atlanta for over a year and he still calls me constantly. Its annoying.

Meanwhile I hung out with Mr. Wonderful a few times and he is always too busy to take my calls. I can’t go to his house. And I can’t stop thinking about him. It’s pretty obvious that he’s hiding something. A girlfriend? A boyfriend? Bodies in the basement? I don’t know. I kind of think his keeping me at a distance makes me want him more.

Its like that joke “I wouldn’t want to be in a club that would have me as a member.” I think a part of me thinks that if D.C. dude is so into me then he must not have much going on. I never think that I’m a charming, attractive person that he just fell for. I’m to him what Mr. Wonderful is to me.

Help me out. Why is love so hard? Why can’t we choose who we love? What’s the best way to forget about someone?