Does anyone else do this?

 I think I forget sometimes that television is fictional and not real life. Even if it’s a reality show a lot of the situations are scripted. I very often find myself watching TV and yelling at the screen.

 A recent example: I’m a Family Guy fanatic. I personally believe some of the best television is animated shows, but that’s for another blog. Well anyway on Sunday’s show we learned that Quagmire doesn’t like Brian.  HATES HIM!! I mean he can’t freakin’ stand him. Who knew? So the whole episode Brian is trying to win over Quagmire by engaging him conversation, surprising him and taking him out to dinner. Quagmire’s not impressed. Finally Brian just asks him, why does he hate him so much. Quagmire lays into him, watch below:

Brian is my favorite character, but Quagmire is right about him. He’s definitely flawed. My only issue is Quagmire you hate Brian for hitting on Lois all the time, aren’t you the one who slept with your best friend Cleveland’s wife Loretta. Are you really in a position to be judging anyone?

 I know this is TV, but that really irritated me. Like on General Hospital there is a character loosely based on Vogue editor Anna Wintour named Kate Howard. Kate grew up as Connie Falconeri  in the hoods of Bensonhurst, but escaped the ghetto, changed her name and identity to reflect a fictional uppercrust Connecticut upbringing. She became super rich and wildly successful. Fast forward to now, it turns out her cousin Olivia got pregnant as a teenager by mob boss Sonny Corinthos (swoon, ok sorry). Olivia never told Sonny or her son about each other.  Olivia and Sonny’s son is now an undercover cop who’s infiltrated Sonny’s  mob family in an attempt to bring down the father he never knew he had.

 Here’s what irritates me. Kate is the main one telling Olivia not to keep secrets and  to tell the truth. Chick, your whole life is based on a lie.  Your WHOLE life. Shut up who are you to tell someone not to keep secrets. I guess its okay for you to do it, but no one else. Get out of here.

 Then my favorite is Maury Povich and his paternity tests. People get on there and actually say “I’m 100% sure I’m not the baby’s father.” Did you use a condom? “No, but I’m 100% sure.” Ok idiot, if you slept with her without a condom there is a chance its your baby. It may be a small chance but its a chance.

The only thing worse than that to me is people who say I’m 1000% sure. How can you be 1000% sure. That’s not even possible.

 I know, I know I watch too much TV but really guys come on.