My New Favorite Thing: The Ultimate Movie Mashup

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I found this cool video on and thought it was awesome. You know I’m totally obsessed with mashups and this is a great one.

Thanks again to

My New Favorite Thing: Steven Slater, The Jet Blue Flight Attendant

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I love this guy!!!

Seriously, I do.

And its not because he’s a hero (he’s not.) Or because he stuck it to the man (he didn’t.)

It’s fantastic because this is an example of overreacting at its finest…and it is absolutely hilarious. You can’t storm out of your office the same way anymore. Simply stomping out with expletives and flipping over a desk won’t cut it. This guy raised the bar. With two beers and an inflatable slide Steven Slater set a new standard. This guy cussed out a passenger over the intercom,  slid down the emergency inflatable slide  and then went home.

I wish I had been on this flight. I would have been cheering him on all the way.

Let’s reconstruct his steps, shall we?

1. Idiotic passenger fighting to get massive bag in tiny overhead container and holding up the flight. Who of us has not experienced this and wanted to scream?

2. He tells her to sit down, she refuses they argue.

3. At some point the bag falls and hits him on the head. (Hilarity begins)

4. They argue some more, because she won’t apologize and some point she calls him a MFer or to F off or something like that

5. He snaps

6. Old boy jumps on the intercom and tells the lady “F*** you,” “he’s had a great career” and that “he’s done.”

7. He proceeds to deploy the inflatable slide, grabs a couple beers, goes down the slide and heads home.

You can’t even make up stuff this fantastic.

My New Favorite Thing: Black Feminist Writer Joan Morgan

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“I did not know that feminism is what you called it when black warrior women moved mountains and walked on water. Growing up in their company, I considered these things ordinary.” ~ Joan Morgan

I’ve been suspecting it for a little while now, but Joan Morgan’s “When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost” officially confirmed it for me.

I’m a black feminist.

I remember once in a job interview being asked “What am I passionate about? What motivates me? That was a year ago and I didn’t know. I remember BSing some answer that obviously didn’t work because I didn’t get the job.

In a year of unemployment, college, dating, loving, dumping, and being dumped by black men, I’ve learned a lot about myself.

I can finally say with certainty I know what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about advancing my people. Particularly black women.  I find myself increasingly concerned with how black women are treated, how black women are depicted, and how black women are perceived. The older, wiser Brandy no longer hates on a young, black girl because she’s got a bigger ass than me, dresses a little more fly than me, or gets more male attention than me. I can’t hate on young black girls, because I’ve been a young black girl. I know how hard it is out there for us. We don’t need anything additional working against us. If anything we need more of us loving and supporting each other. We need to bond together, we need to create a network. And we need to love ourselves just as much, and in some cases, more than we love our black brothers. Only then, will we be able to get what we need from our brothers, our lovers, our communities, this country, and this world.

So Morgan’s addresses this issue in a passage from “Chickenheads.” She’s been ambushed by three black men upset by a pro-woman response to the racial implications of the raping of a white Central Park jogger allegedly by black teenage boys. Her defense, for me, addresses the dark secret of black relationships that is so rarely talked about:

“Whatcha really wanna know is how I feel about brothas.  It’s simple. I love black men like I love no other. And I’m not talking sex or aesthetics, I’m talking about loving y’all enough to be down for the drama — stomping anything that threatens your existence. Now only a fool loves that hard without asking the same in return. So yeah, I demand that black men fight sexism with the same passion they battle racism. I want you to annihilate anything that endangers sistas’ welfare — including violence against women — because my survival walks hand in hand with yours. So, my brotha, if loving y’all fiercely and wanting it back makes me a feminist than I’m a feminist. So be it.”

This sentiment is on point. It’s upsetting that black men sometimes look at black women as the enemy for expecting to be respected and loved the same way we respect and love them. I digress though.

The book is fantastic. Her writing is fantastic.Check it for yourself here, along with other works by Morgan.

My New Favorite Thing: This Video OMG!!!


Hey guys,  

 I’ve been a little down the past few days. Feeling really hopeless: (getting dumped and losing your job in the same month tend to do that to people.) Last night it got pretty bad, I have to admit. Some things came into my mind that were pretty dark and that’s really not like me. I had to sleep and pray for strength.

 I was online searching for material for my other blog,  Pop Culture Inspirationals (go check it out, shameless plug lol), and I found this video. I could not stop crying because it offered me so much hope and encouragement. Hopefully it will do the same for you:

 What is  your favorite inspirational quote?

…grateful there are still honest people in the world

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 Last night I walked out of a MARTA commuter train and left my purse inside. This particular purse has straps that always seem to come loose. I keep saying I”m going to stop carrying it, but it’s such a fabulous bag, I can’t bear to part with it.

 Well the said fabulous bag contained an iPod, an iPhone, a digital camera, cash, two debit cards, and my wallet with all my ID. Needless to say I was a hot mess when I discovered it missing. First thing I did was call one of the service phones at the station and incoherently and breathlessly babbled on about leaving my purse on the train. MARTA dispatchers must be trained to decipher incoherent babble because she tracked down the train operator, who returned my purse to the MARTA police station with everything intact.

 I was particularly moved by this because we’re constantly overwhelmed by news coverage of the lowest scum of human life and at times it’s hard to believe that truly good people exist. Especially in these tough economic times and when the gangster lifestyle is glamorized and honesty is looked upon as weakness. I’m here to say that good people do exist and they’re not hard to find.

 I did not get the names of the people who assisted me last night, but I’m so blessed and appreciative for you. My blog readers may know that I’m unemployed and I could only imagine what a bitch it would be to have to try to get all new ID, not to mention the additional expense when I’m not getting much income. It was truly a blessing and I’m grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

…wishing you a Merry Christmas

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Kirk Franklin captured the meaning of Christmas with this beautiful song. It’s my gift to you (since I’m unemployed and too broke to buy you anything). It is also my favorite Christmas song, so it’s this week’s Brandy’s Favorite Thing.  May it bless you the way its blessed me. Merry Christmas everyone.

…too broke for the tropics, but this will do.

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 (Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any company to promote their product. Zero companies. Zip. Zilch. The big goose egg.  I wish. Any endorsement I give is solely based on my personal opinion on the product.)

 This is one those days when I wish I was on a tropical island, a place where hot and sexy cabana boys love chubby girls with curly hair and a sense of humor.  

 Instead its freezing rain and cold here in Atlanta. Not fun at all. Plus, I’m unemployed these days and can barely afford a Hawaiian Punch let alone a trip to Hawaii.

Take a trip to the tropics with this awesome shower gel.

 One whiff of Avon’s Coconut and Lemongrass shower gel and it feels like I’m there (okay, not really) but it smells wonderful. It’s a subtle scent that doesn’t overpower, but definitely makes an impression. I love Avon because their items are always affordable (these shower gels are usually under $6) and great quality. I also have a fabulous Avon lady (hi Tammy). 

In this economy I’m making sacrifices, but I refuse to give up my Avon. I may not be able to afford a trip to the tropics, but I can certainly pretend. Check it out at

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