Last night I walked out of a MARTA commuter train and left my purse inside. This particular purse has straps that always seem to come loose. I keep saying I”m going to stop carrying it, but it’s such a fabulous bag, I can’t bear to part with it.

 Well the said fabulous bag contained an iPod, an iPhone, a digital camera, cash, two debit cards, and my wallet with all my ID. Needless to say I was a hot mess when I discovered it missing. First thing I did was call one of the service phones at the station and incoherently and breathlessly babbled on about leaving my purse on the train. MARTA dispatchers must be trained to decipher incoherent babble because she tracked down the train operator, who returned my purse to the MARTA police station with everything intact.

 I was particularly moved by this because we’re constantly overwhelmed by news coverage of the lowest scum of human life and at times it’s hard to believe that truly good people exist. Especially in these tough economic times and when the gangster lifestyle is glamorized and honesty is looked upon as weakness. I’m here to say that good people do exist and they’re not hard to find.

 I did not get the names of the people who assisted me last night, but I’m so blessed and appreciative for you. My blog readers may know that I’m unemployed and I could only imagine what a bitch it would be to have to try to get all new ID, not to mention the additional expense when I’m not getting much income. It was truly a blessing and I’m grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.