This book is my Harry Potter. I was so excited and waiting for the day the  guys did another book. I don’t know why they didn’t have midnight parties at bookstores with people dressed up as dollar signs and theorems. (I had my Pythagorean Theorem costume already picked out, maybe I can still try to go to a Barnes and Noble in it around midnight, just kidding sort of).

 SuperFreakonimics is the follow-up to the two Steves wildly successful New York Times best-selling book Freakonomics. Freakonomics has an economist applying economic analysis techniques to answer questions like “why do most drug dealers still live at home with their moms,” “Is more dangerous for your children to have a playdate at the family with a gun or a pool in their home?”

 So I picked up the book and it does not disappoint. There are new analyses including why the prostitution industry is not quite as lucrative as it used to be, the surprising impact American television has had on Indian women, and the dangers of drunk walking.

 The two Stevens are geniuses. And to me the sure sign of pure genius is making the most complex things so simple that anyone can understand it. Economics is not the most exciting subject there is, but in the hands of these guys its utterly fascinating. Finish this blog and go out and get your copies right now. Today. Seriously. I mean it. And maybe when the third Freakonomics book comes out I can dust off my costume for the midnight book party at Barnes and Nobles. I’ll bring the protractors if you bring the compasses.