I fell into a swimming pool yesterday. Didn’t slip into one. Didn’t trip into one. I was talking, not paying attention and walked into a freaking swimming pool…fully dressed…in 40 degree weather. Um…yeah.

 Ordinarily, when something really embarassing like this happens you can just play it off. You know just pretend it didn’t happen. But when someone is there (as was the case in my situation), this is a little bit more difficult. So here are some rules to save yourself from future embarassment.

Rule #1 of playing it off: This is important. If no one sees you, it didn’t happen. Don’t draw attention to it.

Rule #2 of playing it off: If its possible pretend like you totally intended to do the embarassing thing. Walk into a wall. Accident, nope just needed something hard to hit your face against to wake you up. If no one’s buying that go to…

Rule #3 of playing it off: Blame the other person. “Why didn’t you tell me that big rock was in the middle of the sidewalk causing me to trip? I could have really been hurt you douchebag.” This totally takes the attention off of you and on to the other person. They’ll be so busy defending themselves they won’t have time to laugh.

And if none of these work and all else fails…

Rule #4 of playing it off: Pretend to be hurt. People are less likely to laugh if they think you’re really injured. And who knows its a great way to gain some attention and rack up some sympathy points.

 What about you? Do you have any embarassing stories that you were totally able to play off convincingly? Or others that you didn’t? Tell me about it.

Can’t think of any, well just check out these funny and really embarassing videos. The video is kind of grainy but the content is hilarious.