So I met up with Trey for a mini-date at a local tourist trap. Trey (names changed to protect the guilty, lol) is my flavor of the month, we hung out and shut the place down talking and people watching.

 On my way out I spot this Tarot card reader. I am a sucker for this kind of stuff. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in it, but its fun. I figure if she gets it right, I’ve got a cool story to tell. And if she gets it wrong what the heck I’m out five bucks.

 So Candace, the reader, gave me the option of selecting one topic for my five dollars. Since I’m going to be unemployed after tomorrow, I decided to let her predict my work future. She swished some cards around and picked out a few.

 She predicted that in the next couple of months I will get a job in the health and wellness/medical-related field. It will not be before the end of the year, but by January or February at the latest. She said it won’t pay much money, but it will be enough to get by on. She also said that  my boss will have some connection to Florida.

 The one thing that blew my mind was this prediction. I asked her about my career goals as a journalist. She said that she saw that I would be working in journalism as a reporter somewhere in Washington D.C. She says I will focus mostly on human interest/social work type stories. She also said that I will be an outspoken rabble-rouser and this could potentially get me into some legal trouble. It blew my mind because I never mentioned to her that I’d already done a reporting internship in Washington D.C. and really wanted to go back there.

 She was also certain that I’m not gonna stay in Georgia. That’s funny because I’ve also been thinking alot about getting out of here and going somewhere else. It’ll be fun to watch and see if any of this comes true. I’ll keep you posted.