Two nights ago I dreamt I accidentally knocked my laptop over and all of the keys fell off. I was trying to put them back on, but they wouldn’t stay. Plus since the keyboard isn’t in alphabetical order I didn’t know where all the keys were supposed to go. .

 I believe dreams sometimes speak to our subconscious thoughts. The fact that this dream was so vivid and I actually remembered it signaled I should consider looking into it.

 I consulted my favorite dream interpretation website for some guidance. Ordinarily, Dream Moods is a great resource, but they didn’t have anything  As a regular visitor to this site I’ve learned that a lot of times dreams are both symbolic and literal at the same time.

 My guess was that the keyboard represented my life right now. (Why a keyboard I don’t know.) But the keys falling off represent pieces of my life that have come apart (i.e. my job situation, my relationships, my finances, etc). My attempt to put the keyboard back together is me trying to figure things out, but I don’t know where things go exactly. There’s a place for things but I’m not quite sure where they fit.

 Its exactly my life right now. Things kind of feel like they’re falling apart, and I’m doing my best to put things back where they belong. The trick is where I think things belong may not necessarily be where they’re supposed to go. 

 Just like in the dream I’m not really sure how to fix this. I can only wait and hope and keep trying to fit the pieces together into something useful. 

 Do your dreams ever mirror or symbolize things in your life?  Do you just have a weird dream you’d like to talk about?